Homeostasis Link

Classwork  8-19-2016

1. Watch the video
2. Define: Homeostasis, Homeo, Stasis, Dynamic Equilibrium,
Disruptor,  Detectors (Receptors) Control System (Control Center), Effectors,
Draw the cell and the terms around the cell that the narrater drew.
3. Draw a “speech cloud” that contains an explanation of each of the factors mentioned by the narrator.


CCSF Medical Terminology (Fall 2016)

Wednesday Medical Terminology students

Bhatt Soham
Chao Jessica
Cruz Miguel
Escobar Tatiana
Gil Cardova Elmer
Hernandez Ingrid
Huang Helen
Jiang Yanny
Lee Douglas
Mai Kingsley (Weilong)
Mo Jason
Rodriguez Giovanny
Tran Trinity
Wilson Stephen
Ye Winnie
Zhen Kenneth (Wen Jian)
Zhu Ada

Thursday Medical Terminology Students

Chan Yiu Lun
Chen Annie (Lishan)
Chung Isabella
De Paz Fatima
Leachman Berkeley
Liang Cathy
Lien Justin
Liu Sandy
Mai Anna (Shu)
Martinez Adriana
Poot Adrian
Tan Emily (JiaWen)
Tan Karmen (JiaYing)
Tran Joey
Zhen Anne
Zhong Nancy
Yu Felix

How to Obtain a Work Permit

Steps for a work permit

Downloadable Work Permit Procedures and Instructions

1. Completed application with parent’s/guardian’s signature at the bottom, employer signature in the employer section completed.

Click here to download CPMC Work Permit

2. Social Security Card (photo copy acceptable) or verification letter from Social Security Office Administration.

3. Proof of age via birth certificate, passport, California ID, or Driver’s License

4. Proof of school attendance with class schedule or last report card.

After the steps above are completed, please follow instructions below:

Mr. Barbour in the counseling office (room 258) will complete the bottom portion of the application. After that, you will take the application to:

Work Permit Office

727 Golden Gate Ave (between Gough & Franklin)

Bungalow 1

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 241-3030 x13052

Open M-F 8:30-4:30

CPMC will receive the application in the end before you begin your summer internship.



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