Cooking with Chef Kevin

Hello GHA member. Here is the exit ticket we could not do because we ran out of time. Have it ready at the start of class on Friday 9-14-18. Please use complete sentences. If you write the answers or your thoughts out be sure to do so legibly. Don’t forget your name and period.

  1. Why are we cooking with the American Heart Association? Think bigger picture. Give two reasons.
  2. What herbs and spices on our list have you heard of before?
  3. What is the difference between an herb and a spice?
  4. Name three herbs and three spices that pair well with chicken and beef.

Study Guide part 1 for Medical Terminology (GI)

Know these terms as well as the roots, prefix and sufix within each term.

To best take advantage of this list, make cards that have the following three things: 1. The word on one side of the card.  2. The definition of the whole word on the opposite side. 3. Each of the word parts need to be separated and their definition.

  1. Enterocentesis
  2. Gastrocolic
  3. Enteropexy
  4. Gastrocolitis
  5. Gastrohepatic
  6. Enterology
  7. Enterocele
  8. Gastrolith
  9. Hepatoid
  10. Hepatorrhea
  11. Gastropexy
  12. Gastroplegia
  13. Gastromegaly
  14. Gastrolithiasis
  15. Cholangioma
  16. Choledochoplasty
  17. Cholemesis
  18. Cholecystolithiasis
  19. Cholecyst
  20. Choledochal
  21. Hepatoma
  22. Hepatomegaly
  23. Hepatopathy
  24. Hepatologist
  25. Esophagocele
  26. Esophagomalacia
  27. Esophagotomy
  28. Esophagostenosis
  29. Esophagomycosis
  30. Cirrhosis
  31. Cholangioma
  32. Endoscopy
  33. Cachexia
  34. Viscera
  35. Dysphagia
  36. Bulimia
  37. Endocrine
  38. Dentoid
  39. Laparotomy
  40. Biopsy
  41. Glossal
  42. Fistula
  43. Peristalsis
  44. Gingivectomy
  45. Stomatoplasty
  46. Anastomosis
  47. Jejunostomy
  48. Hernioplasty
  49. Cholecystectomy
  50.   Sublingual
  51. Stomatitis
  52. -osis


For Females Only (Sorry Guys)

Hello female students of the Galileo Health Academy.

I know this event is months off, but I have had students participate in it in years past and it was quality, inspiring and by everybody’s account – worth their while. Please read up on this and apply. It is free and worthy of your resume and of your time. Good luck!!!!

Mr. McDowell

Read about it “Click Here.”

Apply for it   “Click Here.”

Galileo Health Academy – Find the Hero in you…

PSA Questions

“Three Question” Assignment

About a week ago you, or someone in your group wrote down three questions and their answers from your PSA research on a Google Doc. These three questions are supposed to be compelling questions that share information about your PSA topic. The answers are not supposed to be obvious. They should teach something about your PSA topic.

The following are examples of a question that are too simple.

What is a depressant?

What is a stimulant?

Everybody knows the answers to these two questions. They are too simple and they do not teach the person being asked the question anything about your PSA topic.


  1. Figure out whom in your group wrote the questions and answers down on a Google Doc. You have the tools to complete this task. You have each others contact information.
    1. Learning objective – communication skills, problem solving, perseverance, following instructions.
  1. Title the doc in the following manner.

The period you have your GHA class followed by the last names of your group members then your topic all separated by commas.

For example: 2, Mcdowell, huang, stress management

A. Learning objective – use of technology, following instructions.

  1. Check to make sure questions are appropriate and the answers are present.
    1. Learning objective – Editing, organization, quality control
  1. Share the document with me before Friday at midnight making sure I have editing privileges. My email is
    1. Learning objectives – Time management.

Note: If nobody in your group did the assignment, it still needs to be done before Thursday midnight.




Volunteer Opportunity at VA Hospital

Fill this link out ASAP if you are interested in volunteering at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. This is a unique opportunity. You should be collecting these experiences for knowledge, networking, making your college statement look better, making your resume look better and learning how to take care of people at a high level. Poem of the day “Don’t get left behind, exercise that mind….”

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