Campaign Project Timeline

Campaign Project Timeline


Due Date March 20th


Type written proposals are due at the beginning of class. Proposals need to include the following


1. Explain the event or activity you are going to create and/or host.


2. What forms of media are you going to use to promote/advertise your event and why?


3. A timeline and responsibility/task chart with names and dates.


4. A list of additional resources needed. Examples: video camera, money for ingredients, etc.


Due Monday March 23rd


Target Analysis form

Message Analysis form


On March 23rd, 24th and 27th


Lunchtime check-in: Sign up and respect the time of others


Due Date April 3rd

Group Work Evaluation (Time will be given in class to do this)


Due April 27th

San Francisco Public Library Card (Free)

Due May 4th

Project Portfolio


**Event/Campaign needs to take place by the week of May 4th.  

Project Outline

Project Outline




To Promote Healthy Eating Choices and/or a Higher Level of Physical Activity to Your Peers or Other Communities You Belong To


Part 1.            Creating an event or activity



Student led bike trip – near by locations – Crissy Field, Ft. Mason or neighborhood walk,

Student led walk

Food Showcase

Cooking Instruction

Informative Video that is played on G-House and 119

Habitat Restoration

Promote existing programs at Gal

            After school programs

            Self Defense


            School Dance


Part 2. Use of media to promote activity or event


Promote/Advertise in a way that reaches your intended audience



                        You Tube video

                        Text Message

                        Face Book

                        My Space

                        Word of Mouth


How do you know if you are successful?


1. # of people that participate or attend

2. Quality of event

3. Self evaluation by team with documentation: pictures and possible video.

4. Project Portfolio (information you collected to support or understand your project.





Product Life Cycle (Due 2-13-2009)

Product Life Cycle:

Use the graph below to write out the life cycle of 10 ingredients found in your food product. You can use the wrapping or packaging.

What is the point? There are many and I am sure you can come up with more than a few of your own. A few we would like you to think about are as follows: How have your food choices have an impact on your health and the health of the environment? Where does our waste end up? Waste can be defined many different ways – the ingredients that are actually in the food we eat or the materials in the packaging. Just because you buy a food product in a store, it is not necessarily safe or healthy. It is up to consumer to learn about the products they consume.

Reflection Questions for your lab book:

1. Did you realize anything after doing the product life cycel?

2. Name one specific change you can make to your diet or daily habits?


Where does it end up?

Does it become something else?































Blood Study Guide #1

Blood Quiz Study Guide #1

Know the Following:

The five functions of blood. (be complete)

The Composition of blood

What % of blood is water?

Why is water important in blood?

What % of blood is Plasma?

What are interstitial fluids?

What is the difference between plasma and interstitial fluid?

What prevents plasma proteins from entering the interstitial fluid?

What are the three primary classes of plasma proteins?

What is the function of the three types of plasma proteins? Be sure you can integrate the following terms into your answers: Antibodies, transport proteins, fibrin and serum.

What is a Formed element?

I am not going to test you on how formed elements are produced

What is hematocrit?

Know the importance of RBC’s

What is hemoglobin?

What binds to hem?

What binds to globin?

What is anemia?

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