AHA Iron Chef Cook Off Judging Criteria

Judging Components:

1 – 5 points can be awarded in each of the following components:





Bonus opportunity


Judging Criteria:

Teams will have 40 minutes to complete a dish consisting of:

  • A main dish of either chicken or salmon
  • Salad with dressing made from scratch
  • Some type of appetizer or smoothie

Each team will make one plate to present to all the judges

Must use all ingredients from the mystery grocery bag (at least a portion of)

A salad can be the main if explained during presentation

Must work as a team

Must cooperate with all teams (do not horde pantry items)

Must clean as you go

BONUS opportunity:

  • If the make an app and a smoothie
  • Station is clean
  • Oral presentation is well done (explaining the dish)




Timing and Flow:

6:00 – 6:15     Shane and Jason to begin to warm the room and set the stage for the event

6:15 – 6:55      Cooking!

6:55 – 7:10      Each team presents plate and explains dish to judges

7:10 – 7:15      Judges deliberate

7:20 – 7:25      Judges remarks and comments

7:25                 Winners announced and prizes awarded (4th thru 1st place) & photo ops!

7:30                 Move to main event!


Things to note:

Plate is considered final when station is clean

Make one plate as presentation to judges (save extra for judging tasting if needed) *Judges will taste from the one dish

Team will identify one spokesperson to explain dish to judges.  Items to include in presentation:

  • What did they make
  • How this dish met AHA guidelines
  • What culinary skills/techniques did they use in making the dish
  • What makes their dish unique


Class work for 2-24 Periods 1,2,5,6

Use a Google Doc to answer question found in this video. Be complete with your answers and keep a “growth mindset.”

Share the google doc with me. Put your period, last name, first initial PHVid in the subject line. Be sure to give me editing privileges.  For example – 1 McDowell,R PHVid.



“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment,”                                                       Carole Dweck Psychologist

Do even the littlest things with purpose and intention to learn…..

Class Assignment 1-23-17

Do Now: Get a laptop, log on, open a web browser and open the following link.


As you watch the first story do the following.

  1. Create a story board (Squares on a paper/s – front and back) capturing the ideas having to do with the bacteria, how it spread, it’s signs and symptom and the immune response mounted against it. Leave out all other details. Keep in mind what you already know about the immune system. Remember to draw a 10 second picture in the squares of your story board and to have the text underneath. Do not copy the text on the video. Paraphrase using your own ideas.
  2. Note two ideas that are similar to the previous case – Influenza.
  3. Note two ideas that are different than the previous case – Influenza.

I realized I never collected your ESLO’s Reflection. Please read below.

  1. I will be collecting your reflections on your participation in the health academy over the last two years tomorrow and how they relate to the first to points of the “Expected School Wide Learning Outcomes” (ESLO’s).                                 Point 1. Galileo Students are Effective Communicators that can make themselves and their ideas Understood.           Point 2 Galileo Students are Critical Thinkers that can analyze and understand new ideas.                               Here are a list of points you can use in your reflection. You can use all or some, as long as you are reflecting on the first two ESLO’s
    1. Cooking with Chef Shane and the AHA
    2. Our trip to Sacramento with the AHA
    3. Our weekly hospital visits
    4. Our weekly college course Med Term and EMT
    5. Our PSA project
    6. Our mock interviews with resume and cover letter workshop
    7. Our Lecture from Dr. Padrone on professionalism
    8. Extra classes you took with CCSF
    9. Internships/volunteer participation
    10. Guest Speakers (Paramedic, Go Red for Women, Brittany Chiquata, Alan Wong MD/Author)
    11. Blood Drive Prep
    12. GHA Internship

GI Workbook Terms

These terms regularly show up on the first big quiz on the digestive system term quiz. This is not a complete list by any means, but I do see these over and over again. It would behoove you to learn the definition of these terms.











Pilonidal cyst







Acronym and Abbreviations Poster

Create a Poster that shows all of the acronyms and abbreviations used in the six patient assessments. Make sure you know what the words mean. For example in D.C.A.P.B.T.L.S., C stands for contusion. Make sure you know what a contusion is. I have included a few examples of projects to help you understand the assignment. Do to Learn, not to get it done…..

Pt. Assessment 14 Pt. Assessment 13 Pt. Assessment 11 Pt. Assessment 10

CPMC Internship List (2016)

Hello CPMC Internship Applicants,

The hospital provided me with a list of this Year’s Summer interns (2016). They said they were very very impressed by all of the applicants and if they had more positions available, they would have selected all of you.

If you were not selected, please know that Andy and I are committed to working with you on trying to finding an internship somewhere in the city. Please consider yourself an alternate in case someone on this list cannot participate.

If you are on this list and you cannot participate, let me know immediately so I can work with the hospital on selecting an alternate. It is the hospital’s choice on selecting the alternate.

Lastly, I am proud of all of the applicants for many reasons. Great work to all of you. I will be counting on the interns to do a variety of activities and to provide support next school year.

Stay tuned for our first internship meeting.

If you  are an intern, and you have a free period next school year I expect your support.


Mr. McDowell

I need to know by Monday if you are committed to this position. McDowellR@sfusd.edu




Abrianne Barreras

James Lau

Wendy Liu

Leo Maldonado

Nadin Rashid

Kennia Blanco

Ya Ting Gao

Angela Gomez De Leon

Melody Huang

Tiffany Lei

Jenny Liu

Nancy Lui

Daping Yu

Ali Zazi

Connie Zhao

Selena Li

Shereen Zepeda Solis

Nolan Preciado

Linore Rong

Yousra Sebiaa

Interview Information

The following students will be interviewed on Monday. Also bring a cover letter, example found here. Please double check your resume and if at all possible print it on nicer paper.

Don’t forget to dress professionally. Eat something ahead of time. Be yourself – your professional self, and you will do great.


1st Period
Canales Leo M.
Rashid Nadin
Rong Linore
Lau James
Barreras Abrianne
Liu Wendy
Sebiaa Yousra
Yee Benton
Michelle Alvarez
Joe Yu
Rachel Su-Ang
Joanne Huang
Corina Kuang
Milly Wong
Connie Li
Maria Brena Millan
Allison Cai
Elaine Chen
Laithe Suleiman
Maria Valenzuela
Hattie Lark-Issac
2nd Period
Huang Zhimei (Melody)
Dong Aaron
Lui Nancy
Gao Yating
Yu Daping
Lei Tiffany
Liu Jenny
Fong Leanna
Zhao Connie
Li Selena
Zazi Ali
Kwong Krystal
Blanco Kennia
Precaido Nolan
Gomez de Leon Angela
Zepada Solis Shereen
Karen Guerrero
Darlene Somarriba
Tivvi Ng
John Yabut
Barry Chiu

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