Perry Program for Females Interested in Science.

Hi Richard,

We’re very excited to announce an upcoming Perry Outreach Program on Saturday, January 23 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Jose, CA. The Perry Outreach Program is a free, one-day, hands-on experience for high school and college-aged women who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine and engineering. Students will hear from women leaders in these fields and try it for themselves by performing mock orthopaedic surgeries and biomechanics experiments.

We are now seeking applicants for our San Jose program. Participants should be women in grades 10 and up with an expressed interest in science, medicine and/or engineering. We would very much appreciate if you could pass this information along to any high school principals, high school science teachers or high school students you may know. Applicants should be directed to fill out our online application in advance of the Dec 22 application deadline.

Additional information can be found on our website:

The application may be accessed directly using the following link:

More information and a printable flyer for this event can be found here. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Again, we sincerely appreciate your help in identifying qualified applicants for our program.

All the best,

Manuela Restrepo, Program Coordinator


Hello Galileo Health Academy Seniors!

I hope your semester is going well!!! I received a message from some of you that you were concerned about your CCSF grades being entered to your high school transcript; however, I didn’t receive any emails. Just a reminder, because of my work, it is best to reach me by email which you should all have. If not, please save it now. From email, I will respond as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I did not get the transcripts in my hand until a little bit later than when you submitted them and it is a time consuming process; however, I will have them all entered by Monday, October 26th.

I don’t think I received everyone’s CCSF transcript, but I will give a list of the ones I entered to Mr. McDowell next week, so he can review with you. Then you can let me know if you weren’t on the list by EMAIL (

Also, and VERY important, I can put your CCSF courses on your high school transcript; however, that is not enough for college admissions. You must also do the following on your own, but you can contact me if you need any help. Please review:

1. You should add the course(s) you took at CCSF to your college applications. Please visit your counselors for assistance.

2. Send your OFFICIAL CCSF transcript to the university you are interested or planning to attend. You can wait until you have been conditionally accepted, but if anyone is doing early decision, you should send sooner. Having the grades on your high school transcript, is NOT enough. Please review the handout attached to explain everything you should know about CCSF transcripts. The second handout is the one I shared before to help you log into WEB4 to access and send your official transcripts.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have questions! Thank you!! : )

Mariana Chavez, M.A., PPSC
Head Counselor, Counseling, Post-Secondary Success, & Dual Enrollment

CPMC Internship Program

Dear Galileo Health Academy/CPMC Internship Applicants,

I am pleased to inform you that the following students have been selected to participate in the Galileo Health Academy(GHA)/CPMC Internship Program. All applicants were considered and all applicants did a wonderful job. A few students were not selected because of a summer schedule conflict. If your name is not on the list I will be happy to help you explore other options.

As an intern in the GHA/CPMC Summer Internship program you will be expected to:

– Abide by the schedule (Dates) of the internship

– Make the GHA/CPMC Internship daily schedule (the hours you are scheduled to be at the hospital) your top priority

– Abide by and follow all CPMC rules of conduct

– Work to maintain and develop a positive productive GHA community during your senior year. For example, if you have a free T.A. period you should give priority to the GHA – we sure can use your help and you can put it on a resume.

– Represent your name and the GHA to the best of your ability.


  1. Derrick Choi
  2. David Yu
  3. Harmony Huang
  4. Adan Meza
  5. Tina Xie
  6. Alice Ho
  7. Byron Flores
  8. Angelina Wu
  9. Daphney Xiao Yan Yu
  10. Danny Guan
  11. Denise Chen
  12. Tony Mai
  13. Anita Woo
  14. Wendy Guan
  15. Jia Jie Li
  16. Katy Wong
  17. Cheryl Liu
  18. Alice Wen
  19. Solangel Rostran
  20. Brandon Do

We have several thing you have to take care of over the next two weeks. More to come.

Richard McDowell

Hormone Quiz 2 and Homework

  1. Your next quiz will be very difficult. It will be on the female reproductive system. Specifically it will be on the follicular cycle, the hormones of the luteal phase, the uterine cycle and hormones and body temperature (pgs. 597-600). You will be able to use reading notes, a diagram you make of the regulation of ovarian activity (pgs. 598) and a diagram you make of the hormonal regulation of the female reproductive cycle.
  2. Today you are to quietly take reading notes on pgs. 597 – 600 and on a separate piece of paper create the two above mentioned diagrams. Feel free to use colored pencils


I would like you to create two resumes. One resume that is current. Be sure to include your CCSF course work either completed or in progress. Second, I would like you to create a second futuristic resume that reflects what you would have accomplished after finishing up your Galileo Health Academy experience.

You can include the following.

1. Summer Internship Experience at CPMC.

2. Your trip to Sacramento advocating for health legislation for the American Heart Association.

3. Your CCSF Med Term and EMT course.

4. The blood drive you will conduct with the Blood Bank of the Pacific your senior year.

5. Remember, you would also have graduated from Galileo so put that.

6. Any Volunteer experience or extra curricular program or opportunity you participated in.

Printed copies will be due Monday morning.

The following web site is a resource you can use to create a proper resume.

1 2 3 4 5 10