Important Carido Terms for Worksheet Quiz. This can also help with your Final Cardio Test

Knowing the meaning of the following word elements can help you earn a high score on the Cardiovascular worksheets 1, 2 & and 3 quiz. They will also help you with the final cardio test. To take advantage of this study guide you need to know the meaning of both the word as a whole and the meaning of the word parts – Prefix, Root and Suffix.

** Note: Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.  If you enter the health care field it would greatly benefit you to know as much as possible about the cardiovascular system.




















Occlusion, palpitation, infarction, pacemaker, hypertension, arteriorraphy, cardiotomy






arterial anastomosis














Study Guide for Medical Terminology (GI) Unit Test

Know these terms as well as the roots, prefix and sufix within each term.

To best take advantage of this list, make cards that have the following three things: 1. The word on one side of the card.  2. The definition of the whole word on the opposite side. 3. Each of the word parts need to be separated and their definition.

  1. Enterocentesis
  2. Gastrocolic
  3. Enteropexy
  4. Gastrocolitis
  5. Gastrohepatic
  6. Enterology
  7. Enterocele
  8. Gastrolith
  9. Hepatoid
  10. Hepatorrhea
  11. Gastropexy
  12. Gastroplegia
  13. Gastromegaly
  14. Gastrolithiasis
  15. Cholangioma
  16. Choledochoplasty
  17. Cholemesis
  18. Cholecystolithiasis
  19. Cholecyst
  20. Choledochal
  21. Hepatoma
  22. Hepatomegaly
  23. Hepatopathy
  24. Hepatologist
  25. Esophagocele
  26. Esophagomalacia
  27. Esophagotomy
  28. Esophagostenosis
  29. Esophagomycosis
  30. Cirrhosis
  31. Cholangioma
  32. Endoscopy
  33. Cachexia
  34. Viscera
  35. Dysphagia
  36. Bulimia
  37. Endocrine
  38. Dentoid
  39. Laparotomy
  40. Biopsy
  41. Glossal
  42. Fistula
  43. Peristalsis
  44. Gingivectomy
  45. Stomatoplasty
  46. Anastomosis
  47. Jejunostomy
  48. Hernioplasty
  49. Cholecystectomy
  50.   Sublingual
  51. Stomatitis
  52. -osis


CPMC Internship Program

Dear Galileo Health Academy/CPMC Internship Applicants,

I am pleased to inform you that the following students have been selected to participate in the Galileo Health Academy(GHA)/CPMC Internship Program. All applicants were considered and all applicants did a wonderful job. A few students were not selected because of a summer schedule conflict. If your name is not on the list I will be happy to help you explore other options.

As an intern in the GHA/CPMC Summer Internship program you will be expected to:

– Abide by the schedule (Dates) of the internship

– Make the GHA/CPMC Internship daily schedule (the hours you are scheduled to be at the hospital) your top priority

– Abide by and follow all CPMC rules of conduct

– Work to maintain and develop a positive productive GHA community during your senior year. For example, if you have a free T.A. period you should give priority to the GHA – we sure can use your help and you can put it on a resume.

– Represent your name and the GHA to the best of your ability.


  1. Derrick Choi
  2. David Yu
  3. Harmony Huang
  4. Adan Meza
  5. Tina Xie
  6. Alice Ho
  7. Byron Flores
  8. Angelina Wu
  9. Daphney Xiao Yan Yu
  10. Danny Guan
  11. Denise Chen
  12. Tony Mai
  13. Anita Woo
  14. Wendy Guan
  15. Jia Jie Li
  16. Katy Wong
  17. Cheryl Liu
  18. Alice Wen
  19. Solangel Rostran
  20. Brandon Do

We have several thing you have to take care of over the next two weeks. More to come.

Richard McDowell

Hormone Quiz 2 and Homework

  1. Your next quiz will be very difficult. It will be on the female reproductive system. Specifically it will be on the follicular cycle, the hormones of the luteal phase, the uterine cycle and hormones and body temperature (pgs. 597-600). You will be able to use reading notes, a diagram you make of the regulation of ovarian activity (pgs. 598) and a diagram you make of the hormonal regulation of the female reproductive cycle.
  2. Today you are to quietly take reading notes on pgs. 597 – 600 and on a separate piece of paper create the two above mentioned diagrams. Feel free to use colored pencils


I would like you to create two resumes. One resume that is current. Be sure to include your CCSF course work either completed or in progress. Second, I would like you to create a second futuristic resume that reflects what you would have accomplished after finishing up your Galileo Health Academy experience.

You can include the following.

1. Summer Internship Experience at CPMC.

2. Your trip to Sacramento advocating for health legislation for the American Heart Association.

3. Your CCSF Med Term and EMT course.

4. The blood drive you will conduct with the Blood Bank of the Pacific your senior year.

5. Remember, you would also have graduated from Galileo so put that.

6. Any Volunteer experience or extra curricular program or opportunity you participated in.

Printed copies will be due Monday morning.

The following web site is a resource you can use to create a proper resume.

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