Storyboard Assistance

Your junior year GPA is very important to your college applications next year. Please don’t let this easy final adversely affect your GPA. This assignment allows you to succeed while helping people that are less fortunate that you. Helping other people is our goal.


Hello GHA Students,

Some of you have been struggling with the creation of your storyboard. I have created a list of elements that I will be looking for when I grade your final (The PSA).

Remember we are trying to bring useful information to a young person that has or might be susceptible to the health topic you selected. So I will be asking the following:


  1. Does your PSA have the qualities to capture and keep the attention of a young person?
  2. Does your PSA bring useful information that is correct and data driven?
  3. Does your PSA express where the young person can seek help or further information on the health topic? Ie. A hotline, school nurse, specific organization, wellness center.


Also, it is important to remember the young person watching your PSA might not know as much as you do about your topic. Remember, you researched it. So I will be looking for the following:


  1. Do you define the problem – Data Driven
    1. Who is affected and why?
    2. How big is the problem?
    3. If you are seeking the extra points for a social justice connection you would need to show why one group is affected and make a fairness claim.
    4. What the viewer can do to not fall victim of this health issue (prevention) or how they can limit harm (risk or harm reduction) or both.



Job Shadow Tracker


On the second page, please choose “Health Science Academy” even if you are in multiple pathways.


When prompted to type of Work Based Learning Activity (WBL) on the 3rd page, you will choose “Extended Job Shadow/Rotation”.


  • August 29th/30th for Fall Semester
  • January 16/17th for Spring Semester

Company: CPMC

Supervisor: Mike Jao


Please confirm with Andy before you close the screen.

Last Research Round Due Tuesday

Hello Galileo Health Academy Juniors. The last round of research will be due next Tuesday (April 9th). I am posting this assignment today if you want to get a head start on it this weekend.

Becoming the expert – Understanding the problem – who is already doing what (existing organizations and their strategies) and what are the results?

1. Find three organizations that address your topic?

2. What services do they provide to clients in order to address the issue you are researching?

3. How does one access their services?

4. Do they address issues other than the one you are researching?

Ps. Don’t forget the interview and/or mentorship document on the Health Academy webpage. If the hyperlink below does not work cut and paste into a browser or go to the GHA website.

Interview Doc:

Mentorship Doc:

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