Note to EMT students

This is an important notification. Please tell your colleagues to read this announcement so they get the entire message.


One of you (elsba) asked if I would call Frank and request an extension on the due date for the packets that are due today. Normally, I would not do this but I have been so pleased with the progress you have all made on gaining mastery of the “Patient Assessment” that I called Frank anyways. Frank said he will extend the due date by one week – “but the packets need to be flawless” when he receives them on November 8th and November 9th.


What do I want in return?


  1. You have all been encouraging your classmates and friends to donate blood next Wednesday November 8th. I am asking that you really turn up the effort. There is nothing worse than having a blood drive and nobody gives.  There is always a shortage of blood. Remember, statistically each donation saves THREE LIVES Let’s make this years GHA Blood Drive a meaningful success.
  2. Be ready for next Tuesday’s “Detailed Physical Examination Test.” “No assistance page” will accompany the test.
  3. Continue to be the awesome group of student/ incredible human beings that you are.


Other information that you might find important:

The link to the Bone break story is below. There will be questions from our “Knowledge Sink” activity on Tuesday’s test.



Letter of Recommendation Request

Letters of Recommendation Application

This year’s Senior class is outstanding (BEST EVER–ANDY WILL VOUCH!)  and many of you have performed/participated in a way that is noteworthy. I cannot write as many letters of recommendation as I would like – there just isn’t enough time and it is all volunteer work on my part.


If you would like me to write you a letter of recommendation please read the following closely.

  1.      I reserve the right to write anybody a letter of recommendation within or outside of this system.
  2.      I will only write five letters of recommendation.
  3.      If you would like to be one of those five, you must first apply to be selected. If you are not, please do not complain.
  4.     To apply you must write an outline with the following information. (bullet points are acceptable). They must be emailed to me by Tuesday October 31st with “Letter of Rec Request” in the subject line.
    1. The name you are using in your applications to college.
    2. Any obstacles you have overcome while you were a student at Galileo.
    3. Relevant life info.
      1. Is a language other than English the primary language spoken at home?
      2. If your family considered “low income”?
      3. Do you qualify for the Federal Free Lunch program?
      4. If applicable, when did you immigrate to the U.S.
      5. What level of school have your parents completed?
      6. Are you the first in your family to go to college?
      7. Are you a native English speaker?

                        D. What you want to study and where you want to go to school and why on
E. What is your GPA?

                        F. What grade did you get in Med Term?

                        G. Why did you participate in the GHA?

                        H. Anything else I need to know.

                        I. Were you an intern or volunteer this last summer, if so – where?


If you apply for a letter of recommendation and you are not selected do not take it personally. I have limited time in my personal life to set aside to write these letters. It is not my job, it is a favor I am possibly doing for you. I will select the five applicants. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan if you are not selected.


Mr. McDowell

Hospital Med Term for 10/31

These are the terms for the hospital students for Tuesday 10/31

-scopy Examination

scot/o Darkness

semi- Half, partial

sensa- Feeling

-sis State of or condition

somat/o Body

sept- Seven (7)

sex Six (6)

sial/o Siliva

Son/o Sound

salping/o Eustachian tube, oviduct, fallopian tubes

Sarc/o flesh, connective tissue

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