Acronym and Abbreviations Poster

Create a Poster that shows all of the acronyms and abbreviations used in the six patient assessments. Make sure you know what the words mean. For example in D.C.A.P.B.T.L.S., C stands for contusion. Make sure you know what a contusion is. I have included a few examples of projects to help you understand the assignment. Do to Learn, not to get it done…..

Pt. Assessment 14 Pt. Assessment 13 Pt. Assessment 11 Pt. Assessment 10

Personal Statement Workshop

On October 15th and 16th, there will be a free personal statement workshop at Mission High. 826 Valencia will have trained tutors there that day to provide one-on-one workshops with students writing personal statements for their UC Personal Insight Questions, Common Application essays, and scholarship essays.

To register for the event, please visit here:–QT-HPGRyetnXmpepy5w1m07RzfJV2Wbosysg/viewform


Make sure you come ready to Mission High School with everything you need.


Stanford Pre-Survey

Please fill out this survey from Stanford ER Doctors. Please let Andy know when you finish the survey so he can mark that you’ve completed it.

To answer you will need to see Andy to find out both your Student and Group Number.


Please do not look up the answers, this survey is to find out what you know, and if you learn more after you complete the course.


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