Homeostasis Link

Classwork  8-19-2016

1. Watch the video
2. Define: Homeostasis, Homeo, Stasis, Dynamic Equilibrium,
Disruptor,  Detectors (Receptors) Control System (Control Center), Effectors,
Draw the cell and the terms around the cell that the narrater drew.
3. Draw a “speech cloud” that contains an explanation of each of the factors mentioned by the narrator.


CPMC Internship List (2016)

Hello CPMC Internship Applicants,

The hospital provided me with a list of this Year’s Summer interns (2016). They said they were very very impressed by all of the applicants and if they had more positions available, they would have selected all of you.

If you were not selected, please know that Andy and I are committed to working with you on trying to finding an internship somewhere in the city. Please consider yourself an alternate in case someone on this list cannot participate.

If you are on this list and you cannot participate, let me know immediately so I can work with the hospital on selecting an alternate. It is the hospital’s choice on selecting the alternate.

Lastly, I am proud of all of the applicants for many reasons. Great work to all of you. I will be counting on the interns to do a variety of activities and to provide support next school year.

Stay tuned for our first internship meeting.

If you  are an intern, and you have a free period next school year I expect your support.


Mr. McDowell

I need to know by Monday if you are committed to this position. McDowellR@sfusd.edu




Abrianne Barreras

James Lau

Wendy Liu

Leo Maldonado

Nadin Rashid

Kennia Blanco

Ya Ting Gao

Angela Gomez De Leon

Melody Huang

Tiffany Lei

Jenny Liu

Nancy Lui

Daping Yu

Ali Zazi

Connie Zhao

Selena Li

Shereen Zepeda Solis

Nolan Preciado

Linore Rong

Yousra Sebiaa

Interview Information

The following students will be interviewed on Monday. Also bring a cover letter, example found here. Please double check your resume and if at all possible print it on nicer paper.

Don’t forget to dress professionally. Eat something ahead of time. Be yourself – your professional self, and you will do great.


1st Period
Canales Leo M.
Rashid Nadin
Rong Linore
Lau James
Barreras Abrianne
Liu Wendy
Sebiaa Yousra
Yee Benton
Michelle Alvarez
Joe Yu
Rachel Su-Ang
Joanne Huang
Corina Kuang
Milly Wong
Connie Li
Maria Brena Millan
Allison Cai
Elaine Chen
Laithe Suleiman
Maria Valenzuela
Hattie Lark-Issac
2nd Period
Huang Zhimei (Melody)
Dong Aaron
Lui Nancy
Gao Yating
Yu Daping
Lei Tiffany
Liu Jenny
Fong Leanna
Zhao Connie
Li Selena
Zazi Ali
Kwong Krystal
Blanco Kennia
Precaido Nolan
Gomez de Leon Angela
Zepada Solis Shereen
Karen Guerrero
Darlene Somarriba
Tivvi Ng
John Yabut
Barry Chiu

Renal Hormones

Renal Hormone Video – Read the instructions below before you start.

1. Before You Watch the Video, define the following in a way that makes sense to you. Use your own words after looking them up.
Endocrine Gland
Stem Cell
Parathyroid Gland
Ca2+ Plasma

2. As you watch the video (use pause/play) Describe the step-by-step reactions that occur on the four biochemical pathways described in the video. Be sure to include the organs that are included. This is a step by step, what happens when and where question.

3. After the video, define the following hormones and enzymes.

Angiotensin I
Angiotensin II


Hello Wonderful Health Academy Student,
This is a unique experience and every student that has attended in the past has said very good things about it – some are even now studying to be dentists. It is also the kind of experience you can add to your resume or talk about in your “personal statement letter” for college. Please email me if you are interested in attending. They have agreed to hold 5 spots for health academy students. I will randomly select 5 students. If you tell me you want to go and you are selected, please go.. I don’t want one spot unused. That would not be fair to your colleagues.
Also, you don’t have to want to be a dentist to enjoy this. It’s a great way to spent the day.

If you want to go, email me now at mcdowellr@sfusd.edu and put the words “Dental Camp” in the subject line of the email. I would like to select students today so do this right away if you are interested.

**** Do not register if you want to go!!!!!!!!! I have 5 spots held and registration is closed. Let me know as per instructions above..!!!!!
**** Do not register if you want to go!!!!!!!!! I have 5 spots held and registration is closed. Let me know as per instructions above..!!!!!
**** Do not register if you want to go!!!!!!!!! I have 5 spots held and registration is closed. Let me know as per instructions above..!!!!!

Mr. McDowell
Galileo Health Academy

Dental Camp Flier FB-2

Dental Camp registration form

Muscle Anatomy I

Myology – Skeletal Muscle Contraction
By Armando Hasudungan

Important : For now, think of an action potential as a small electrical impulse
Before you watch the video define the following in a way that you understand it.
1. Skeletal muscle
2. Epimysium
3. Muscle Fascicle
4. Muscle Fiber
5. Sarcolema
6. Sacoplasmic Reticulum
7. Transverse Tubules (T Tubules)
8. Cisternae
9. Actin
10. Myocin

11. Sarcomere (Pictured Below)

1. From the video create a written step-by-step explanation of muscle contraction.
2. From the video create 5 questions that can be used on a quiz.
3. Recreate a drawing of the muscle with fascicles, fibers and myofibrils as shown in the video.
4. Recreate a drawing of the sarcomere as shown on the video.
5. Create an ongoing list of terms and their definition.

We will next explore Cross Bridging (When actin and myocin interact with each other to move (contract). Please enjoy the following video. It offers a wonderful visual.

Bones You Must Know

1. Mandible
2. Maxilla
3. Frontal Bone
4. Parietal Bone
5. Nasal Bone
6. Occipital
7. Zygomatic Bone
8. Temporal Bone
9. Sphenoid Bone
10. Carpals
11. Meta Carpals
12. Phalanges
13. Pubis
14. Ilium
15. Patella
16. Tibia
17. Fibula
18. Humerus
19. Manubrium
20. Sternum
21. Xiphoid Process
22. Tarsal
23. Metatarsals
24. Clavicle
25. Cervical Spine
26. Thoracic Vertebrae
27. Lumbar Spine
28. Sacrum
29. Coccyx
30. Ribs
31. Hyoid Bone
32. Ethmoid Bone
33. Atlas
34. Axis
35. Scapula

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