PSA Articles

Articles for 2012-2013 PSA Projects.


What if my son is a bully?,28804,2095385_2096859,00.html

What impact can cyber bullying have on it’s victims?

Web of popularity achieved by bullying

Parents may be teaching kids to be bullies


Drunk Driving

Why the teen brain is drawn to risk?

Drunken driving crash shattered teen’s life.

Teen drinking and driving.

Alcohol fueled sleep, “less satisfying”


STD Prevention

Youth more aware of AIDS, but too many don’t know their HIV Status.

Has US abstinence policy  failed?

HPV Vaccine doesn’t alter sexual behavior

STDs rife among US teenage girls


Teen Depression

Study: Are music-loving teens more likely to be depressed?

Late-night teens face greater “depression-risk.”

Teen depression

Helping teens cope with stress


Prescription Drug Abuse

For teens, prescription drugs are easy to come by.

Risky rise of the “good grade” pill.

Teens and drugs: Rite of passage or reciepe for addiction?

How childhood brain trama may make the brain vulnerable to addiction, depression.


Stress Management

Top five things that stress college students.

Helping teens cope with stress.

Manage your stress




Teen hygiene tips.

Smelly teen? Let’s talk teen hygiene.

Hygiene 101

Hygiene for teenagers


Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Is the fight against childhood obesity creating eating disorders?

For young athletes, good reason to break the fast food habit.

How can changes in nutrition change anemia

Healthy eating for teenagers


Combating Obesity

Is the fight against childhood obesity creating eating disorders?

Playing multiple sports helps beat teen obesity.

Lifestyle program in place to combat teenage obesity

Poorer children more likely to be obese


Substance Abuse Prevention

Teen drug abuse: Help your teen avoid drugs.

Teens and drugs: Rite of passage or recipe for addiction?

Young cannibis smokers can run the risk of low iq.

Preventing adolescent substance abuse.


Abusive Relationships

Why victims of teen violence can’t break the cycle.

Crazy love, crazy choices.

Calls to tackle teen dating violence

New ad targets rape and sex abuse



Do teen workout programs work better without more or dad?

News Flash: A home-cooked meal cost less than fast food.

How not to get sick: Adolescence,28804,1903873_1903816,00.html

Why is exercise important to teenagers


Cooking Demos For a Heart Healthy Body

Lunch is battlefield.,9171,1975338,00.html

Healthy cooking techniques.

Healthy Cooking Methods

A healthy home-cooked meal, cost less than fast food


Flu Prevention

H1N1 can be deadly even for health kids.

CDC says, “Take 3 actions to fight the flu.”

Twitter knows when your going to get sick

Flu Symptoms Q & A


Texting and Driving

Death by txt.

More deadly crashes after dark linked to teen cell use.

NTSB ban on cell phone use behind the wheel.

Teen texting and driving: A modern day hazard



More teens smoking pot than cigarettes.

Exercise spurs more teen boys to stop smoking.

Passive smoking “doubles hearing loss risk among teens.”

Authentic Parenting: How to deal with teenage smoking


Skin Cancer Prevention

Study finds dramatic rise of skin cancer among adults.

To tan or not?

SPF15 sunscreen not strong enough

Protecting your skin from the sun


Teen Pregnancy and Prevention

Half of teen moms don’t use birth control. Why that’s no surprise.

Plan to reduce teen pregnancies.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention 2010-2015

Teen pregnancy prevention