Hospital Schedule (Thursday)

Welcome Galileo Academy Students


The Volunteer Services Department is please to offer a joint venture with Galileo Academy and California Pacific Medical Center called, “The City Within.”  During this semester you will experience and witness the inner workings of California Pacific Medical Center.

For sixteen weeks, we will be learning from our dedicated staff of professionals about different areas of our medical center. We will strive to learn about educational requirements for different departments, as well as, career paths chosen by our health care staff.  This is a unique and very special opportunity to learn about future career choices that are available in a health care environment.  We hope you will find this series interesting and that you will ask our knowledgeable staff many questions.

You will be exposed to a very serious and professional environment.  Our presenters have donated their time and effort to provide us with information in their area of specialty.  Please treat them with your utmost respect and consideration.  We hope your experience at California Pacific Medical Center.


We will be meeting on Thursday mornings at no later than 7:50 am in the lobby of the Pacific Campus, 2333 Buchanan Street.   Please note the meeting room locations on the schedule below; if you are late or get lost, the staff at the information desks will guide you to our meeting room location.  For meetings at the California and Davies campuses, please allow yourself extra travel time to arrive before 7:50am.

Always meet in the Lobby of the Pacific Campus unless notified

Fall 2017 Galileo Health Academy Schedule


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August 31st – Orientation – CAL

September 7th – Engineering – Pac

September 14th – Surgery – PAC

September 21st – Emergency Dept. – Pac

September 28th – Ultrasound – PAC

Optional Ultrasound reading: What is an Ultrasound?

October 5th – Food & Nutrition – PAC

October 12th – Diabetes Center – CAL

October 19th – Brain Health center – DAV

Optional Reading: Brain health an early development

October 26th – Kanber Cardiac Center – PAC


November 2nd – Da Vinci Robot – St. Francis

Optional Readings:

November 9th – Burn Unit – St. Francis

November 16th – Sports Medicine – St. Francis


November 23rd – Thanksgiving – —–


November 30th – MRI – DAV

Optional Reading: MRI scans used to make 3d models for practice surgery

December 7th – Nuclear Medicine – DAV

December 14th – Physical Therapy – DAV


December 21st – Finals – Galileo




Fall 2017 Galileo Health Academy Schedule

Cal – California Campus

  • 3700 California St., SF, CA 94118
  • Take the 1 California Inbound to Van Ness, transfer to 47 or 49 lines toward Galileo

Dav – Davies Campus

  • Castro and Duboce, SF, CA 94114
  • Take N Judah Inbound to Van Ness, transfer to the 47 or 49 lines toward Galileo

Pac – Pacific Campus

  • 2333 Buchanan St., SF, CA 94115
  • Take 1 California to Van Ness, transfer to the 47 or 49 lines to Galileo

St. Francis Memorial 

  • 900 Hyde St., SF, CA 94109
  • Take lines 19, 47, and 49 to Galileo