Public Health Issues

As we explore Public Health Issues and Social Justice, we may have supplementary assignments that can help us further understand topics that we speak about in class. By providing short articles and podcasts, I intend to bring together our discussions through events and articles that are relatable to us in the Bay Area or as young adults.


  • Crime Pays   (under “Act Two”, click the arrow in the circle under the title “crime pays.”)
    Richmond, CA:
    How does paying residents money to not commit crimes reduce violence in the city? Listen to this podcast to understand how one man has made a difference in Richmond by using theories in Public Health.


As we further delve into Public Health, the term Upstream Vs. Downstream comes up pretty often, but what does it mean? When we think about a health issue, the issue or problem may have factors that has contributed to it’s existence. The health issue itself would be considered downstream as the factors that cause the problem come down collectively to form the health issue. However, in public health, we analyze what is causing the health issue–as such, we look upstream. By going upstream, we explore the causes and factors that have lead to the health issues, essentially the origin.