Juniors take American Literature (Galileo), Health Careers Exploration (Galileo), and are concurrently enrolled in 3 unit college level Medical Terminology course (CCSF). Juniors also visit CPMC once a week and are eligible for paid internships at CPMC. During their weekly visits, students explore different careers in the health care system, witness live surgery, and interact with CPMC staff.

1st Year Students (Juniors)

1.  Healthcare Careers Exploration and Issues (elective)

a. +12 visits to various departments of CPMC

b. 2 visits Saint Francis Memorial Hospital: Burn Unit & Sports Medicine

c. CCSF Medical Terminology Course (3 credits)

d. HIPAA Certification

e. Community Health Guest Speakers Series

f. REAL (Revitalizing Education and Learning) Program through CES

g. Cross-curricular community health research project

2.  American Literature

a. Fast Food Nation – as related to health care issues

b. Cross-curricular community health research project