Seniors take European Literature (Galileo), Physiology (Galileo), and are concurrently enrolled in 7.5 unit college level Emergency Medical Technician Certification course (CCSF). Seniors are required to attend 7 Saturday fieldtrips and are also eligible for paid internships at CPMC. Fieldtrips include a visit to 9-1-1 dispatch center, an emergency room, a fire station, a beach rescue demonstration, and a cliff rescue demonstration.

2nd Year Students (Seniors)

1.  Physiology/Anatomy

a. Double high school science credit

b. Supports topics covered in CCSF EMT course

2.  CCSF Emergency Medical Technician Certification Course (7.5 credits)

a. Adult, Child and Infant CPR Certification

b. 7 Saturday fieldtrips including 911 dispatch, fire station & ER

3.  European Literature

a. Cross-curricular health care related debates