11th Grade Film History & Criticism Projects

Due Thursday January 3 (after Winter Break)

    Write a report (at least 5 double spaced pages) and prepare a PowerPoint presentation about a director who was important in the history of Film. Be prepared to present your PowerPoint presentation to the class in early January and to answer questions about your director. Your report should include:

  • Director’s background & life
  • How did this person become a director?
  • Who were the important influences on this director?
  • What was this director most known for? What were this director’s strengths?
  • What did critics and film historians say about this director?
  • What did this director contribute to/influence Film History?
  • Watch three important films made by this director (see a variety of films)
  • After seeing these films whatgive your own opinion of this director’s work
  • If you do a thorough and complete job on this it will count for 12 out-of-class hours.

List of Directors: If you want to choose a different director check with Mr. Machtay