10th Gr AOIT, 1st Marking Period

  • For your grade you will hand in a folder called 5lastnameweb1 — all lower case, no spaces, no special characters.
  • Inside the 5lastnameweb1 folder you will ONLY have HTML pages: index.html, pageone.html, color.html, bgtiling.html, tablecells.html
  • There will be a folder inside 5lastnameweb1 called images
  • Inside the images folder there will only be JPGs and GIFs

  • You will construct images.html using the template provided by Mr. Machtay
  • On index.html you will place each of the completed JPGs or GIFs in the appropriate place
  • On upper right of index.html page you will place links to each of the other HTML pages in the folder
  • You will design index.html page with background colors or background images and make it “your page” as you want it to look

  • YOU WILL BE GRADED ON FOLLOWING ALL THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Points will be deducted for naming your folders wrong, for extra files in folders and ESPECIALLY for missing work!