Industrial Revolution Biz Plan Website


  • You are designing a template page for a 5-page website. Each page will have the same logo, the buttons positioned in the same place, the same positioning for text and graphics.
  • The five buttons on the page will be: HOME, DESCRIPTION, CONTEXT, MARKET, SALES
  • Your design will be 800px wide by 600px height
  • Start with the logo — how will you represent the invention? What typeface? What colors? What image?
  • Position and design the buttons
  • Position the text and graphics on the page. Create a textbox with words (it doesn’t matter what words) and determine the size, the column width, the positioning.
  • Incorporate a background or a background color
  • Each member of the team is required to create at least one design
  • Your clients will visit to give feedback on site designs on Monday, December 10.