What’s Expected on Website Project

    Each team needs to have:

  • TECH LEAD — this person doesn’t have to do all the coding on the site, but is responsible to see that the coding is completed and correct.
  • DESIGN LEAD — this person doesn’t have to do all the design/graphics work on the site, but is responsible for seeing that everything is done and looks good.
  • PROJECT MANAGER — this person is responsible for keeping a spreadsheet on googledocs that charts (1) which team members worked on what aspect of the project on each class day; (2) what was completed (or what percentage of work is completed at any given point).

  • Each website must have:
  • Five pages linked to each other; these will be designed from one template
    • Design of the website should demonstrate principles of layout and design; user-friendly design; good use of “screen real estate” for text, images, white space; effective color choices; consistency of images and design elements
    • Rollover buttons that are visually effective

    • Stylesheets that are used consistently across the pages
    • Either Flash or Photoshop to illustrate how the invention works (your website must have at least one Flash animation used appropriately)
    • An ad campaign with three advertisements that use the same logo, same catchphrase, similar visual look