Photoshop Basics

  1. Create a new file in Photoshop 400px wide by 200px height at 72ppi
  2. paint the background layer purple 660099
  3. create a new layer, name it round
  4. use the elliptical marquee to create a perfectly round circle
  5. paint the circle gold-orange cc6600
  6. create a new layer, name it square
  7. use the rectangular marquee to create a perfect square
  8. paint the square dark gray 666666
  9. go to the circle layer and use edit > transform > scale to make the circle bigger/smaller
  10. go to the square layer and use edit > transform > rotate to rotate he square at exactly 45 degrees
  11. use the type tool to write GALILEO in Impact 60pt, yellow ffff00
  12. duplicate the GALILEO layer two times
  13. on the first duplicate apply layer styles: drop shadow and bevel & emboss
  14. on the second duplicate apply layer styles: inner shadow and outer glow
  15. go on the Internet and do an image search for photograph of LION; save the full size JPG image to your desktop
  16. open the Lion image and drag it onto your working file

  17. alternate: Marquee part of the Lion image and copy and paste it onto your working file
  18. position all elements on your file so the layout works (and what do we mean by “works”?)
  19. duplicate the Lion layer 10 times
  20. apply a different filter to each of the 10 Lion layers; keep track of which filters you like best
  21. save the layered PSD file; this is your working file

  22. when you are satisfied with the design elements Save for Web as a JPG at 30 quality.