Video — Reflection Project

to 11th grade AOIT Class: CONGRATULATIONS on your Adobe Videos! I am very proud of the quality of work this class produced! I would like teams to remain together to create REFLECTION VIDEOS: What did you learn in the course of making this project? What has being in AOIT meant to you?

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Each person on the team should be videotaped (or there may be some people more eager to share, some who do not wish to be on camera, that’s OK). Address these questions: (1) What technical skills did you learn? (2) What interpersonal skills did you learn to use? (3) What are your strengths and how did those strengths help in this project? (4) What are your weaknesses and how did you/will you work on improving those areas of weakness? (5) What did you learn about other people and about working with other people? How were conflicts resolved on your team? (6) How will you benefit in the future from what you’ve learned here?

We have only five weeks of the semester left. These should be straightforward videos. You can use footage from your Adobe video project as B-roll or to illustrate points.