Portfolio Websites

AOIT 10th graders in Mr. Machtay’s section will spend the next two weeks creating a basic Portfolio Websites.

  1. Make sure all HTML and CSS pages are inside your Portfolio folder
  2. Make sure all JPGs and GIFs are inside the images folder (that is also inside Portfolio folder)
  3. Your page will display: Galileo Logo, First Name Logo, Landscape, Twins Project, and any other Photoshop projects you’re proud to show. (You will create three variations of First Name Logo.)
  4. Your page will display a short essay titled: If You Really Wanna Know Me… (between 100 and 200 words).
  5. Your page will link to color.html, bgtiling.html, artists.html, and persuasive.html.
  6. Your page will have Photoshop-created GIF Buttons linking to other pages. You will create three variations on those Buttons. The same buttons should be on each of the html pages.
  7. You will create another web page based on your Persuasive essay from Ms. Peter’s class. Create appropriate illustrations for that page.