Write About a Director

  1. Information about the director’s life: born, died, education, other jobs, awards?
  2. What were influences on this director’s work? Who did he/she learn from? How did he/she become a director?
  3. What was this director famous for? What types of movies? What style or genre? What makes this director’s work identifiable?
  4. What did critics say about this director’s work? How did this director’s work influence current movies? Talk about some current movies that reflect this director’s work.
  5. What do you think about this director’s work? What do you like or dislike? Does some of it feel old-fashioned and dated? Does some of it feel timeless?
  6. Choose a short clip (3 to 5 minutes) from one of the director’s movies to show in class. Explain to the class why this clip represents the director’s style.