Design Your Homepage

  • On a basic HTML website your homepage is named index.html
  • Design in Photoshop. You can choose 800px width or make it wider.
  • To use one of your GIF backgrounds as the background in Photoshop, choose the GIF image and go to EDIT > DEFINE PATTERN. Then use Paint Bucket and choose PATTERN (instead of foreground color).
  • Open your 600px wide Photoshop JPGs and save them again at half the size so they’re 300px wide.
  • Leave space for buttons 800px wide X 50px ht. There need to be button links to: color.html, bgtiling.html, artist.html and persuasive.html.
  • You will also use the same design and same page header for a page called persuasive.html that will include PERSUASIVE ESSAY you wrote in Ms Peters’ class. Make sure to illustrate with Photoshop image.
  • On your index.html page
  1. Page Header
  2. Name Logo
  3. Galileo Logo
  4. Landscape
  5. Twins Picture
  6. “If I could speak to 1,000,000 people”
  7. “If you really want to know me…”
  8. Button links to color.html, bgtiling.html, artist.html, persuasive.html
  9. Do you want to include another HTML page? You can take any work you did for another class and put it on a web page (maintain the same background etc) with illustration and link it.