January 9, 09

2nd & 3rd periods:

  • Students should complete their book covers and place JPGs in machtayh > dropoff.
  • The following 2nd period students don’t have bookcovers handed in: Anthony A, Jonathan C, David L, Abe L, Vicki L, Johnny L, Ian P, Jason P, Rehan S, Jonathan S, Tony T, Jennifer T, Tiana V, Kevin W, Toby W; Wesley handed in a PSD file.
  • The following 3rd period students don’t have bookcovers handed in: Brian C, Christine C, Tiffany C, Gabriel L, Kore T, Ryan U.
  • Everyone should hand in a Digital Arts & Media Pathway one-color logo on Friday. 400px wide, save as GIF. REMEMBER: Purple + Black = TWO Colors (not one color).

5th period:

  • Instructions of what should be in the portfolio folder is on this site under 10th GRADE AOIT category.
  • Students will need to help each other. I will be collecting portfolios on Monday so that students can fix things on Wednesday (during Finals time).
  • This portfolio (and the contents and linked pages) IS your final quarter grade! FIRST get the portfolio together and working. Then if you need to finish up bgtiling.html or the landscape picture or whatever, you can go back and do it. But be sure you have a working web portfolio first.

6th period

  • CITIZEN KANE is in the DVD player attached to the 57 inch TV. It should start playing at the point where we left off on Thursday (the end of political rally, right before Kane & Susan are caught by reporters).
  • 50 WORDS DUE ON MONDAY (and we’re very close to final grades): Talk about something you saw in a recent movie (camera, edit, music, script) that is similar to something you saw now in Citizen Kane. (Only 50 words, but be sure to hand it in)
  • After the movie is over, students need to meet together with their teammates for the Adobe Youth Voices project. For next week (Thursday) each team must be able to present:
    >> Outline of the video
    >> Who will be interviewed
    >> List of interview questions (make sure they’re active questions)
    >> List of B-roll footage — what action? what locations?
    >> Answers to the following questions:
    —>—> What is this video about?
    —>—> Who is the audience for this video?
    —>—> What do you want the audience to think/feel/do after seeing this video?