About Your Artist

Due October 4, Monday: Research your artist and answer the following questions.


  • No more than 40 words per question
  • No more than 5 bullet points
  • No more than 12 words per bullet point

This means the maximum you will write would be 280 words. But make sure they are THE MOST IMPORTANT 280 Words.


  1. Artist’s Background, Important Information About Artist’s Life
  2. How did this person become an artist? Influences? Mentors? Career Path?
  3. What school of art or type of art was this artist most associated with? What was this artist famous for? What contributions did the artist make to the world of art/design? What did critics say about this artist’s work? (may be 2 slides)
  4. Choose two important works by this artist. For each one: describe the work, materials, date; discuss why it is important. What did critics say? (2 slides)
  5. What is your opinion of this artist’s work? What do you like? Dislike? (Be specific)