PowerPoint Rubric


  • Purpose of a PowerPoint is to accompany an oral presentation. Don’t write paragraphs in PowerPoint. Use bullet points. Including only Highlights/ Key Points/ the “Headlines” of your oral presentation.
  • Maximum 40 words per slide
  • Maximum 5 bullet points per slide
  • Maximum 12 words per bullet point
  • Use a consistent design/template throughout. Make sure you can read the words against the background design and that the chosen design is appropriate for the topic.
  • Use animation appropriately. Limit variety of animation — at most one animation type for all text and one animation type for all images.
  • WATCH OUT! Don’t use words and phrases you don’t understand — you will be asked for definitions.


  • Face the class and speak clearly.
  • Use notes/note cards. Do not read from the cards but use them as reference.
  • Do NOT turn your back and read from the screen.
  • WATCH OUT! Know your topic. Be prepared to answer questions. If your architect designed an important building in Malaysia, you don’t have to know the street address. But you should be able to explain where Malaysia is located.