Proposal for Media Arts 5

Please answer the following questions and hand in to Mr Machtay on Monday May 28:

  1. What subject/topic/question do you want to make a movie about next year?
  2. Why are you interested/passionate about this subject?
  3. What audience do you most want to reach with this movie? What do you want the audience to think/ feel/ do after seeing this movie?
  4. What do you feel you can contribute to the Media Arts 5 class?
  5. AND What job(s) are you willing to take on next year? We need students who can (a) work on B-roll; (b) be in charge of calendar (what needs to be videotaped and who will do it?); (c) keep track of editing (who’s working on what and when will it be done?); (d) provide comprehensive sports coverage for G-House TV; (e) keep class informed of announcements (contests, scholarships, etc.); (e) Come up with another job you think needs to be done…