Dynamic Word for Layout: Typography

Goal: To learn how to use MS Word as a layout tool.
Goal 2: To learn principles of layout: Grouping, Alignment, Repetition, Variety, Balance
1. Move all the images from folder “typography” into a new word file.
2. Make all these images dynamic so they can be moved around. Go to the Picture toolbar. Select Wrapping. Select Behind Text.
3. Insert 4 textboxes. Make sure they are transparent and have no borders.
4. Open text file in “typography” folder. Copy and paste the first two paragraphs (“Do you notice typefaces?) into the first textbox. Copy and paste each subsequent paragraph into a different textbox (Garamond, Times New Roman, Trebuchet).
5. Now format the text in each textbox.
• “Do you notice typefaces?” Times New Roman 12 pt.
• “Garamond” Garamond 12 pt.
• “Times New Roman” Times New Roman 11 pt.
• “Trebuchet” Trebuchet 10 pt.
6. Now position all the elements on the page to reproduce the layout on the sample provided by instructor.
25 pts All content placed in the Word File. Images made dynamic. Text formatted correctly.
15 pts Page border is in place. All content is within page border but not touching it.
35 pts Alignment – is the left-hand side perfectly aligned? Is the gutter neatly aligned between the three typeface graphics and the descriptive paragraphs?
15 pts Resizing – graphics have not been distorted; textboxes don’t cut off any words.
10 pts Name & Class period are in textbox above upper right