Corrections on Artist Bullet Points

You must rewrite your bullet points and put them into a PowerPoint slide presentation by Monday, October 19. Presentations to class will begin on that day. Be prepared.

Here are some explanations of the notes on your artist bullet points:

  • “Bullet Points” From the time this assignment was given, instructions were on this site about how many words per bullet point, how many words per slide. That means editing your material and that’s an important part of the assignment.
  • “Important?” This is information that could be in your oral presentation to class, but isn’t important enough to be in your PowerPoint.
  • “Huh?” This means I didn’t understand what you were trying to say OR that you copied something from a website out of context.
  • “Define?” or “Put in your own words” This means I think you copied the sentence from a website.
  • “When?” You write about an event (“Artist had first major exhibition”), be sure to include What Year? and Where?
  • “Importance as an artist” Don’t just say “Artist painted oil paintings,” find out what was special about this artist that their work is remembered.
  • “Examples of two artworks” One slide for each artwork. Include facts about the work (what year, what medium), but also describe the work (“shows a woman in a hat, colors are bold, etc.”). Also, if the artist worked from 1910 to 1960, don’t choose two works from 1912; give us two different examples.
  • “Your opinion” Don’t just write “I like the artist, he is good.” This is high school. Explain what you liked or didn’t like. (“colors were exciting” “images were depressing” “I respect that artist created a new style”)
  • “You were asked for specific slides” The assignment has been on this website. Some students included slides such as “His trip to America.” That’s OK if you want to do more than the required 7 slides. But don’t skip the parts that were required.
  • “Specifics” How can you write about Eero Saarinen without mentioning the St. Louis Arch? How can you write about Frank Lloyd Wright without mentioning “open floor plan”?