Designing Your Website in Photoshop

  1. Go to machtayh > dropoff folder. Get the file called “webpagelayout” and drag it onto your desktop or your account.
  2. Open this file in Photoshop.
  3. Open the file you created for page header/logo. Drag that logo onto webpagelayout.
  4. Apply the background for webpagelayout. Remember you can create a small image, select edit > define pattern, then use the paintbucket to fill the entire background with that tiling image.
  5. Then insert your menu. Make sure it is easy to read and easy to find.
  6. Position the text on “Sample Article” layer. You can make the column any width you choose. (You can change typeface to either Trebuchet, Verdana or Times New Roman.)
  7. Position the text on “Sidebar” layer. Make it distinct from Article.
  8. Use any or all of the images provide, or add some of your own. But keep in mind — the page will look better with pictures that either have matching width or matching height.
  9. DESIGN IN BOXES! Line up the width of elements or the height of elements. It will be easier to construct the site this way.