Functional Design: Flag & Money

Create your own country. You will work on 3 Photoshop files, each one 600px wide X 300px height. One Flag (2lastnameflag.gif) and two sides of Paper Money (3lastnamemoney1.jpg, 3lastnamemoney2.jpg).

A FLAG Represents a country (state, organization, etc.). Most of the time it is made out of cloth; though it may also be painted or made into an enamel pin or a metal plaque. Making something out of colored pieces of cloth means there can’t be a photographic image or a gradient on a flag.

Design your FLAG as solid blocks of color. Choose colors that represent something about your country. Try using Dingbat typefaces for shapes. Keep it simple. Save as GIF.

The design of MONEY also needs to represent a country. Users need to be able to see clearly what country and easily see the denomination (amount) on the money. Most important today: You have to design money that’s difficult to counterfeit.

Your Money should have similar design elements and colors to your Flag. BUT, whereas the Flag should be solid blocks of color, the M0ney should employ textures, gradients, patterns to make it more difficult to counterfeit. Use multiple layers with lowered opacity to make backgrounds more complex. Even letters or numbers could have patterns or textures inside them.

Due October 8