Ad Campaign

STEP I: Logo

Create a Logo for Product (400px wide, fill the space)

  • Logo should be simple — it will be used on packaging and in ads
  • Consider the words/letters as design elements
  • Remember your target audience. All products will be marketed to teenagers.

STEP II: Ad Campaign

Make 3 ads that make up a consistent Ad Campaign (600px ht X 400 px w)

  • Each should use the logo, same colors, same position
  • Each should have a slogan — words that promote the product. Best would have three different slogans that have a consistent theme
  • Each needs an image. Be consistent in style, coloring, design.
  • An Ideal Ad Campaign: You should immediately identify that a new ad is part of the same campaign.

PRODUCT CHOICES: You will create a logo and an ad campaign to market…

  • Shrimp Chips to Iowa teens
  • Make-up to Asian teen girls
  • Milk to Latino teens
  • Curry to Iowa teens
  • Tapioca Drink to Iowa teens
  • Tamales to Iowa teens