Political Ad Campaign

Now you’ve completed a Product Ad Campaign and a Galileo Ad Campaign, there’s one more: a Political Ad Campaign.

  • Three ads 400px wide by 600px ht, each saved as a JPG.
  • Your ad will be for YES or NO on one of the selected propositions. Consider why some people would promote or oppose any of these issues.
  • You may use images from the Internet. But do more than slap down one picture and call it an ad. Combine pictures or apply filters – COMMUNICATE YOUR MESSAGE.

Choices of Propositions:

  • PROP A: Tax on businesses to pay for more teachers. PRO: We need more teachers in classrooms ANTI: Tax on business means businesses will leave San Francisco
  • PROP B: End Rent Control PRO: Landlords need more money. ANTI: A lot of renters would be displaced from San Francisco
  • PROP C: Muni Youth Fares for H.S. Students PRO: Youth fares now end at age 18, even if you’re still in high school ANTI: Muni needs more money.
  • PROP D: Sales tax increase for more police and firefighters PRO: We need more police and firefighters ANTI: Sales tax hits poor people hardest