5th Period, 2nd Marking Period

By the end of the 2nd marking period, Friday, Nov. 5, each 5th period student will dropoff a folder of work. This folder will include:

  • index.html — built using CSS-P, this will display completed Photoshop work, include links to other HTML pages, and include 100-word Quickwrite “If you really want to know me…”
  • Photoshop images on index page — Page Header (GIF), Landscape (JPG), Twins (JPG), Galileo Logo (GIF). Note: webpages cannot display PSD files.
  • brooklyn.html — showing design, layout and basic CSS-P skills.
  • brooklyn.jpg — layout and design for brooklyn page done in Photoshop (link from index page as JPG)
  • table.html — showing an understanding of table tags and colspan, rowspan.
  • color.html — showing an ability to define colors through Hexadecimal numbers.
  • bgtiling — showing skill with patterns and understanding of backgrounds.


  • 25% Index page, correct naming/handling of folder contents
  • 25% Brooklyn web page (HTML and Photoshop) — the class spent a long time working on design and coding
  • 25% Photoshop files — page header, landscape, twins, Galileo logo (correct formatting, NO PSDs)
  • 25% Other HTML pages — table, color, bgtiling done correctly