Flash Assignments 1: Bouncing Ball

We are beginning to use Adobe Flash for simple 2D animations.

Assignment 1: Bouncing Ball

  • Insert a new layer, name it bounce1
  • Create a grey circle with black stroke on frame 1 of this layer. Position it on the upper left.
  • Select both fill and stroke. Group (Apple-G). Drag the grouped circle to the library. Save it as a Symbol > Graphic > named Circle.
  • Place a keyframe on frame 90 of layer bounce1. Keep graphic Circle positioned same place as on frame 1.
  • Then place a keyframe on frame 15, move circle graphic to the right side of stage. Frame 30 move circle to left. Frame 45 move circle to right. Frame 60 move circle to left. Frame 75 move circle to right.
  • Select layer bounce1. On Properties pallette choose Tween > Motion.
  • Save file. Then select Control > Test Movie. The finished movie should loop.
  • Next learn how to use Transform Tool and Properties of an Instance to add variety to the animation.