Falling Leaves

Student will create a Flash animation of Falling Leaves. (DUE FRIDAY JANUARY 7).

  • Using vector graphics tools, create a simple leaf. Place leaf as a symbol in the library.
  • Animate the leaf so that it starts and finishes outside of the stage (so the animation will loop). Use transform tool to make it appear the leaf is twisting (scale, rotate, skew).
  • Use this first leaf on three different layers, three keyframes per layer.
  • Create a second more complicated leaf, make it a symbol in the library, and animate it on three different layers, same instructions as first leaf.
  • Design a background. You can use the brush tool or the shape tools.
  • FOR EXTRA CREDIT: Add one more animated element. Make sure to place it in the library. (A cloud could roll by, an airplane could fly overhead)
  • On Friday, Mr. Machtay will show the class how to create a MOTION GUIDE. You will then create one more leaf layer using a motion guide.