Neighborhood Websites

First Assignment Due Monday January 31

Write two 200 word articles about things in your neighborhood that would interest teenagers. Some choices:

  • A store that has good deals on clothes
  • A restaurant/diner where you could get a reasonably priced breakfast
  • A playground where you can find a pickup game of basketball
  • A library or community center that has content or programs for teens
  • Advice about your neighborhood: safety, which places are welcoming to teens
  • Neighborhood history

Assign these jobs in your team:

PROJECT MANAGER: This is your team captain. This person should make sure all jobs are done and be able to step into any job. This person is also responsible for keeping a record of what has been completed, what needs to be completed, and who has done the work for each element of the job.

EDITOR: This person is responsible for all the written content on your site; needs to proofread the content for errors.

LEAD DESIGNER: Design is everyone’s job, but this person will take the lead and make sure all design elements are ready for the site in a timely manner.

LEAD PROGRAMMER: This person is primarily responsible for the HTML and CSS code on your site.