CD Cover Project

PART 1: Write 100 Words about a good CD Cover design.

  • Find an image online of a CD Cover you like. Download the image. Insert this image into a Word file.
  • Write 100 Words answering these questions:
    • How does this design reflect the music? (If the music is soft and sweet, is the design soft and sweet? If the music is rough and rocking, is the design rough and rocking?)
    • How does this design get stand out? get the attention of the public?

PART 2: Create three different CD Cover designs for a new CD by an artist of your choice.  600px X 600px saved as JPGs.

  • You can choose any performer, but you must create a new name for their next CD.
  • All three designs are for the same performer, same CD.
  • Make sure your design reflects the music. (Rocking Music = Rocking Design; Sweet Music = Sweet Design)
  • How will your design stand out from the crowd?

PART 3: Tour Poster. Select one of your three CD Cover designs and adapt it to a Poster for your performer’s Summer Tour. 400px wide X 600px height, save as JPG.

Include the following information on your poster:

  • (fill in the name) Presents / (Performer)/ in the (CD Name) Tour/ Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA/ July 4, 2011/ Tickets $45-$110/ Call Ticketmaster.

PART 4: Design logo/design for Tour T-Shirts.  400px X 400px, save as GIF. You are limited to TWO COLORS only. It must be adapted from your CD Cover and Tour Poster.