Design for Functional Object

You set up a business selling toilet brushes. But why should anyone buy YOUR toilet brushes? There are problems with trying to undercut price or patent a new innovation. The one way you can carve out a business niche is DESIGN.

Choose a FUNCTIONAL OBJECT — spoon, hammer, teapot, toothbrush, mop, scissors — find a picture online of that object, then search for images that can be incorporated to re-design the object. Import all these images into Photoshop. (Do not choose a decorative object like a lamp or a candle.)

1. Create three different designs for the same object. Maybe one design is simply a pattern on the object, another design could be a new shape for the handle. Save each of these three designs as a JPG.

2. Choose one of the three designs. Create a magazine ad 600px height X 400px wide selling your object. Come up with a brand name. Come up with a price. Come up with a slogan that is specific to your object.