Book Cover — Monochromatic

The class will begin by designing book covers for THE ODYSSEY by HOMER (600px Ht X 400px W).

  • Search for images for ODYSSEUS. Consider other searches, for instance “Ancient Greece.”
  • Combine at least 2 different images in design.
  • Use 3 separate text layers for “The” “Odyssey” “by Homer”
  • Make it MONOCHROMATIC (Mr. Machtay will demonstrate).

You will use Photoshop to design a book cover, 600px Ht X 400px W, save as a JPG.

  • Select a book you read for English class this year or last year.
  • Search for appropriate images. Do NOT use photos from movie version of book.
  • Combine at least 2 different images.
  • Place text on separate layers where appropriate.
  • Use design principles: balance, emphasis, harmony, contrast, etc.


  • Means ONE COLOR. Everything in the image should be in one color family — change the tint or shade of the color, but stay within that HUE.
  • One way to achieve this… DESATURATE the images. Then select IMAGE > ADJUSTMENT > COLOR BALANCE and choose the same level of color balance for each element in  your design.