Magazine for Teens

A big corporation wants to get more advertising dollars from teenagers. They hire you to create a prototype of a magazine for teenagers. (PROTOTYPE is a model for future versions).

For Monday hand in the following written:

  • What will your magazine be about? (celebrities? k-pop? cars? games? movies? fashion? be specific)
  • Who is the target audience for the magazine? Is it aimed at boys? girls? both? what age range?
  • What is the name of the magazine (will this appeal to your teen audience?)
  • What is the LEAD ARTICLE for the first issue? (LEAD ARTICLE is your biggest, most prominent feature — the one that will attract buyers)
  • List three other FEATURES in the first issue. (FEATURES other articles or regular columns that will attract buyers)


  • Design a logo for the magazine. Make the name, colors and typeface appeal to your audience of teenagers. The logo can either be 400px wide x 300px ht or 600px w x 200px ht.
  • Design two different front covers for magazine. Use the same logo. Use the same list of articles, but you can switch out images. Each cover should have one larger picture for the lead article and other pictures to promote the other features. Cover design should be 600px height by 400px wide.