Wellness Brochure

Step One: as a team prepare (and agree upon) contents for a brochure. You will then each individually design a version of your team brochure.

Hold the paper LANDSCAPE (horizontal orientation). Each side will be divided into three columns. You will then have Outside A, B and C, and Inside A, B, and C.

OUTSIDE C is the front cover of your brochure. You need something ATTENTION-GETTING: a Catch Phrase plus a Visual.

OUTSIDE B is the back cover of your brochure. This should list resources for more information and/or for help.

OUTSIDE A is inner flap. Write a self-contained short piece. For instance (a) a bulleted checklist to see if you have a problem or (b) warning signs of this problem.

INSIDE A, B, C is the inner spread of the brochure. What information and what visuals are important for the content of your wellness team? Consider:
1. The dangers of this problem
2. Ways to help this problem

In MS WORD go to File > Project Gallery > Brochures > and select a template for a tri-fold brochure; Ascent, Capital, Cornerstone and Float are good options. Insert your own contents and images. Adapt the template to make the design your own.