Wellness Project: Web Page

Now you have each made a Poster with Photoshop, an animation with Flash, and a brochure with MS Word all focused on your team’s wellness topic. Next is:


  • Each individual student will design a web page in Photoshop, 800px wide. (Begin with 800×600, but understand that the page can run longer)
  • Make a logo. Make column/columns for text. Make space for images.
  • Use the content your team already wrote for the brochure.
  • You can use posters made by your team. You could also use images that were collected while producing the first three parts of this assignment.
  • Following the design step, your team will work on constructing the page using HTML and CSS. (You can use some of the same CSS formatting from your neighborhood websites.)
  • Students who are not actively participating in building the wellness webpage will have an alternate assignment.