Your WEB1 folder

The contents of this folder account for 50% of your first marking period grade.

  1. Rename folder 3lastnameweb1.
  2. Place completed images (JPGs and GIFs) into images folder: one Name Logo (GIF); one Galileo Logo (GIF); colortable.gif; Imaginary Landscape (save as JPG at 50% size, the final image will be 300px x 300px); Twins Project (JPG).
  3. Choose either background image or background color for index.html. Then replace each “placeholder” image with your work (linked from images folder).
  4. Make sure your work is completed on pageone.html, color.html, backgrounds.html, and stylesheets.html. You can use this week to make improvements.
  5. QA (Quality Assurance): check that all images appear on index.html, that all html pages are linked, and that links on index.html are visible against the background.