Rolling Wheel

You will make a Flash animation showing a moving vehicle. A MOVIE CLIP animation of wheel rolling will be inserted into your animation. You will show movement two ways: background image is still and foreground image moves to the right; foreground image is still and background image moves to the left.

  1. Create a Circle; add spokes, hubcap, etc. Save it as a graphic symbol called wheel.
  2. Insert > New Symbol > Movie Clip called rolling.
  3. In Timeline of symbol rolling, position graphic wheel. Place a keyframe on frame 12 (frame 1 and frame 12 are the same).
  4. Then keyframe on 3, rotate 90-degrees clockwise. Keyframe on 6, rotate 90-degrees clockwise. Keyframe on 9, rotate 90-degrees clockwise. Then apply motion tween to layer.
  5. Even with only one frame in the movie, symbol rolling will turn. (Make sure you’re using symbol rolling and not graphic symbol wheel.)
  6. Place rolling symbol on two different layers. Then add a layer for car (or skateboard or cart or skates or any other wheeled vehicle). Make sure to group vehicle and make it a library graphic symbol.
  7. Move both wheels and vehicle together — each on its own layer. Have them begin offstage to the left of stage.
    • On frame 60 add keyframe and move all three symbols to middle of stage.
    • On frame 90 add keyframe and keep all symbols same as on 60.
    • Then on frame 120 add keyframe and move all three symbols offstage to the right of the stage.
  8. The result will be: vehicle moves onstage (5 seconds); vehicle stays still at center stage (but wheels continue turning, 2.5 seconds); vehicle moves offstage (2.5 seconds).
  9. Add a layer behind all the others. Name this layer background. Create a background image at least twice as long as the stage. Place background image in library as graphic symbol.
  10. On background layer
    • Keyframe on 60 & do not move background.
    • Keyframe on 90 & move background all the way to the left.
    • Keyframe on 120 & do not move background.