Ad Campaign

You will create a product with logo and advertising campaign that is marketed to teenagers. Companies target teenagers because they want to make more money. Make sure your colors, typefaces, images appeal to teens. Choose one of the products below:

  • Shrimp Chips to (white Midwestern) American teens
  • Tapioca Drink to American teens
  • Curry to American teens
  • Get Asian teen girls to use more make-up
  • Get Latino teens to drink more milk

First, create three logos. Make sure the words in your logo are grouped together as part of a design. You want to give your client choice and variety.

Then, choose one logo. Make three advertisements. This should be one ad campaign, so the ads should share color, style, logo, typefaces and composition. Make sure you are using design principles of Grouping, Alignment, Repetition and Variety.

Hand in a folder named 2lastnameadcampaign that includes JPGs of all the logos and all the ads.