Wellness Brochures

You have now each made a Poster in Photoshop for your team Wellness topic.

You can work together as a team to write the content of the brochure. But then each of you must design your own brochure.

Go to pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > and drag brochuretrifold.docx to your own documents folder. Use this as a template for outside of brochure.

OUTSIDE OF BROCHURE: Please include…

  • FRONT COVER: This should be something attention-getting, a phrase and an image. Each brochure on your team should have a different front cover. You may want to adapt an idea from your poster.
  • BACK COVER: Resources — this should list websites or places to get help or advice with the wellness issue. Include URLs, addresses, phone numbers, emails where appropriate. Everyone on the team can use the same list.
  • INNER FLAP: A list, bulleted or numbered — a good choice would be Warning Signs of the wellness issue.


  • WHY is this an important problem? Explain some health or other issues that arise because of this problem.
  • HOW can this problem be helped/be addressed? What can people do if they have the problem or if they know someone who has the problem?