CD Project

  1. CD COVER: 400px x 400px save as JPG. Create a (concept for a) new music CD. Choose a singer (or singers) and a name for the CD. Then create 3 different designs. Use different typefaces for each one. Use filters, multiple images, layer styles. Create three different designs that are each appropriate for the singer and title.
  2. SUMMER TOUR POSTER: 400px wide x 600px ht save as JPG. Choose one of your CD cover designs. Use the colors, images and typeface to design a Poster for Summer Tour. Be aware of different sizes of type and how you are using the space. (The Summer Tour should have the same name as the CD.) On poster include:
    • presented by Magnificent Productions
    • Oakland Coliseum July 10, 2012
    • call Ticketmaster
  1. HAT & T-SHIRT DESIGN: 300px by 300px save as GIF to be printed on black. Design must be only one color plus white. Make it simple and clean.