Return of the Lasso

Cutting out images in Photoshop has gotten sloppy in this class. So we will revisit the lasso tool.

Make a Photoshop file 600px wide x 600px ht. Combine a picture of yourself with a picture of a celebrity.

You will hand this in as a layered PSD file, so you will be graded on how neatly the figures are cut out using the lasso tool. Remember to FEATHER! Set feather to 1. For soft hair set feather at 2.

You will also be graded on how realistic you make the finished product look. Therefore, choose a celebrity image

  • that is large (if you stretch a small image you will lose quality)
  • that has lighting you can match
  • that has space to add your image
  • do not choose an image from a photography studio! You will not be able to match the lighting.