“I Am” Poem

Write a poem by filling in the following blanks:

  1. I am ________.
  2. People think I am ________.
  3. When I was younger I was ________.
  4. Someday I will be ________.
  5. I believe ________.

Then translate the poem into visual storytelling. You may create:

  • Flash animation, each line should have its own scene.
  • Series of Photoshop images, set of 5, 800px w x 600px h. Include the words on each. You can create pure artwork or use pics of yourself (Photobooth?) to create visual montages.
  • Studio Art using tempera paint, oil paint, oil pastels or pencil, series of 5.

For your grade: Show effort/technique. Was it all simple, plain, easy? And COMMUNICATE!

  • If in Photoshop, did you just slap down a picture and put words over it all on one layer? Or was there design involved? Did you combine multiple pictures? Use layers, lasso, clone stamp? Use filters, layer styles?
  • If in Flash, did you just put words floating over a geometric shape? Communicate something! Use your images to mean something! Use library symbols and tweens!
  • If on Paper, think through the design. Make the page look good, use the space well, select appropriate colors.
  • Most of all — Communicate ideas!